Qualified and diligent personnel allow you to carry out your orders smoothly, keep your customers satisfied and see your brand growing. However, with the difficulties the labour market is currently experiencing, looking for such people requires time, engagement and professional support.
AP Vector is a partner in building a team for your business. We specialise in the recruitment, employment and posting of employees from Poland.

    Posted personnel provide your business with immediate support. They will let you operate smoothly and grasp every chance for growth. We provide specialists representing a variety of professions, mainly the construction industry: qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters, ventilation fitters.

    If you are looking for personnel working in a different business sector or area of specialisation, contact us. We are willing to take a challenge, relying on extensive recruitment experience gained on both the domestic and European market.

    How does it work?

    Once you have identified your business needs, determine which and how many workers you are looking for. This will be a basis for us to prepare a job offer and seek proper people. We provide your business with employees who are tailored precisely to your expectations. We verify the skills of candidates and evaluate their motivation to work.

    We offer an all-embracing service, which includes all the formalities relating to employment, pay, posting and HR handling. Our workers have transport, accommodation and quality working tools.

    Seeking competent high- and middle-level specialists is a challenge for many companies operating on the European labour market.

    Here at AP Vector, we every day look for and recruit the best managers and specialists working in various fields. We use professional methods and rely on recruiters’ experience, candidate base, networking, and we are effective. We are eager to help you build a team at your company.

    If you need greater support to carry out your projects, co-operation with a contractor company from Poland may be a good solution for you.

    We will find a trustworthy and competent partner which you can rely on.

    You don’t have to concern about the administrative handling of the contract, the preparation and translation of documentation. We will do all that for you.

If you wish, leave your contact details. We will get back to you.

    Which employees do you need?
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    What benefits will you get from AP Vector?
    You save your time.

    Now you can devote time which you would otherwise spend on seeking proper employees, preparing them for work and handling administrative issues to expanding your business.

    You obtain results .

    Finding qualified specialists or workers who are ready to start a job immediately constitutes a challenge which for many companies is difficult to address with their own resources. This is just a portion of duties your business has to do, and we give 100 per cent commitment to this. We have effective tools, experience from professionals, the contact base. This means much better chances for quick recruitment success.

    Your business operates smoothly.

    You will complete both your current and future orders, because you can be sure that you always have the most important capital: people ready to work.

    You cut the costs.

    Staff recruitment processes and administrative and logistics handling generate real costs. Working with AP Vector will let you optimise them.