AP Vector bring together good employers and employees who have a proven track record and are tailored to the organisation’s needs. The effects of our operations can be seen where candidates’ readiness for work and further professional development and the employer’s business target intersect. We aim to provide either party with satisfaction.

Our values
We are aware that in the recruitment business trust is of the essence.

Our customers put their trust in us, because we offer candidates in whom we believe and whom we would like to hire and work with. We care about your company’s growth and seek to enhance your image as the employer.

Employees trust us, because we take care of their interests, and always set out clear recruitment and employment rules.

We perceive commitment as care of every customer, candidate and employee.

You can be sure that at every stage of co-operation we will contact you efficiently and give necessary support. We know that when issues are arising, office hours count for nothing. You will get assistance from us whenever you seek it.

Good relations.
Our relations with customers and candidates are built on mutual respect and openness. We rely on direct communication, with contact forms being used only as a last resort.

We will give you a fair assessment of your company’s HR needs, tell about every opportunity for real success and propose solutions that best suit you. With such an approach, our collaboration with employers often translates into further projects.

Similarly, at interviews with candidates, we treat them on a case-by-case basis. Each of them means for us more than just a CV which meets the job description.

Despite a dynamic growth of our business, we are not, nor intend to become, a corporation:.
  • People and relations are more important than structures and procedures.
  • Effective solutions are more relevant than extensive plans and projects.
  • Working with the customer counts more than formalities.
  • Being able to respond to changes quickly is more important than adhering to the plan.
Our history
AP Vector employment agency set up.

Vector was established on 5 September 2005 by Katarzyna Mroczkiewicz, currently CEO. Shortly thereafter, we fulfilled our first contract with Christin, a France-based company, under which four plumbers went from Poland to work in Lyon. Over the first couple of years, Katarzyna expanded the business alone. From the very beginning, Vector have aimed principally to enable experts to work lawfully under favourable terms and conditions and provide employers with good specialists.

Head office relocated.

In 2010, Wojciech Mroczkiewicz and several other people teamed up with Vector and are still here until now. This lets us handle an increasing number of contracts for new business sectors in a more efficient way. We employ dozens of people who are dedicated to large construction projects. Since very recently, our office has been opened in Poznań (at Opalenicka street).

Further expansion and removal to larger office.

Vector keeps on growing, our employees are already in France, Belgium, England and Poland. We support the construction of stadiums, factories, hospitals. We expand the HR, recruitment and sales team, streamline logistics. We have been already known on the French market for many years, we have trust, knowledge and experience. This gives us a sound basis for launching HR and employment agency operations on the Polish market. We need more space, so we have to relocate again. And we open the office at Promienista street in Poznań.

We join the Labour Mobility Initiative.

We are active in our efforts to ensure the lawful posting of employees, we are becoming real experts in this field. We participate in consultations with the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and representatives of the European Commission to discuss legal regulations on the posting of employees. We take part in symposia and conferences, sharing our knowledge and experience.

AP Vector company established, current head office purchased.

This change ends a 10-year period of the dynamic growth of our business and provides a starting point for further operations. We continue to develop the good reputation of Vector on the French market. In Poland, we strengthen our recruitment and employment operations: by engaging in the ongoing recruitment of specialists, hiring temporary workers, giving businesses assistance in HR. We start to operate in the area of professional career counselling, helping people carve out their own career paths. We collaborate with employers representing various business sectors, also with higher education institutions based in Poznań.

More than 100 employees posted to work abroad per year.

Polish experts, who know that Vector offer good conditions of co-operation, are eager to embark on further contracts. They can be sure that transport and professional working tools are included. At our new headquarters, we are expanding technical facilities and maintain a fleet of 30 vehicles.

100 projects involving the recruitment of middle and senior management staff on the domestic market implemented over a year.
AP Vector nowadays.

Vector has a team of more than 25 people. With 110 employers from Poland and Europe already in our base, we work together to support them in expanding their business, by looking for the best employees. We create a place where students can find a part-time job, experts can get a favourable foreign contract and specialists or manager can follow a new career path.

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Jan Kowalski.
Dyrektor generalny
Marta Malina.
Obsługa klienta
Mateusz Bednarek.
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